Hello and welcome to Bonsai in West Lothian

Thanks for coming by. This blog has been added as an addition to the Scottish Bonsai Association (SBA) site which can be found at http://www.scottishbonsai.org  have a look at our developing site if you are a bonsai enthusiast.

As members of the Scottish Bonsai Association (SBA) we meet regularly on the first Thursday of the month at the Almondvale Heritage Centre in Livingston, West Lothian. We are a bunch of normal folks who have an interest in bonsai and always welcome new members, you don’t even need to become a member to come along and join in with the group. We pride ourselves in being quite a dynamic branch of the SBA  and hope to keep moving forward with new members who can inject fresh ideas into our mottley crew. So dont be shy just give our convener a phone call or email me and you will get the time and date of the next meeting. You will be more than welcome and there is tea and coffee on tap.

Oh and don’t worry if you think your tree is not up to the standard that you have seen at The Scottish Gardening show or from photos on the web, you should see some of mine!! And they are all loved just the same. So if you want some advice on a tree that has come into your possession then just come along to one of our meetings.